Heart Wall Session

A Heart Wall is a protective layer that our subconscious mind creates out of trapped emotions.

In childhood, we may not have had any other way to cope with our environment and a heart wall kept our heart safe. This is very common, as most family systems on Earth at this time are dysfunctional to one degree or another.

As we become older, we start to intuitively realise that our hearts are magnificent star-gates. The powerful love in our heart holds our energetic field in resonance - and this is what actually keeps us safe.
Our Heart Walls may start to come down naturally through different practices that we dedicate our time to. Yet often enough a gentle look into the Heart Wall to see what emotions need to be acknowledged, is needed to heal the Heart Wall completely and set the heart free.

As we are in the process of birthing the New Earth, living from our heart is the basis of living in these new frequency levels. Depending on the size of the Heart Wall, it can keep us feeling disconnected and prevent us from experiencing a deep level of intimacy and connection - keeping us numb. Healing the Heart Wall isn’t the ultimate solution, as building the heart-mind coherence is a daily practice in and off itself - but it is definitely a corner stone to living a more heart based life.

Chiropractor Dr. Bradly Nelson discovered that trapped emotions are the primary cause of misalignment in the body and the reason people don’t heal fully. Similarly, in our Law of Attraction based Universe, these trapped emotions also keep us stuck and out of reach to what we wish to accomplish, whether it be greater abundance or attracting loving relationships.

Energy Work Session

In this session we will explore new levels of awareness and understanding together. In a space of curiosity a beautiful clarity can emerge.

Through holding a sacred compassionate space for possible opposing aspects within you, I allow these parts to be truly heard and I help them unburden, and to line up vibrationally with victory. Supporting your confidence level and feeling of wholeness.

I will support you to explore and untangle scarcity mindset, self-sabotage, feeling low vibrationally and thus pessimistic in some aspect of life or what ever other way you may feel stuck and wish to find a deeper understanding to move forward.

During the session I will use a variety of tools that I have gathered over time and have now become my own kind of healing modality.

I’m currently not offering private sessions.